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ToolpushersMust have experience as a toolpusher. Toolpushers report directly to the Drilling Superintendent and General Manager. Ability to supervise all drilling crews working on the rig, monitor drilling operations, coordinate daily activity between the Operator and Tiger Drilling Company. Toolpushers are responsible for maintaining a safe working environment.

DrillersDrillers are responsible for continually monitoring drilling operations. Must have two years experience managing drilling crews.

DerrickmenMust have one year of experience working with drill pipe and collars. Responsible for working within safety regulations when working with the derrick. Must possess a working knowledge of how to use a Geronimo.

MotormenMust be a qualified Diesel Engine mechanic. Responsible for maintenance of the drilling rig. Must take ownership over completing daily maintenance reports of all equipment. Certification preferred.

FloorhandsResponsible for handling drill pipe when tripping in and out of the hole. Must possess the ability to make up and break connections. Responsible for cleaning and maintaining tools. Experience required.

WeldersExperience and skill in cutting, brazing, and welding. Must be able to repair structures, reproduce and fabricate steel components.

In addition to the above-mentioned positions, Tiger Drilling is now accepting resumes from those seeking employment in Senior Management, Bookkeeping and Outside Sales. These positions are available for individuals experienced in the Oil and Gas Industry. College Degree or equivalent experience required.

We will contact you should a position matching your qualifications and experience become available. Tiger Drilling Company, LLC maintains all applications and resumes on file for six (6) months.

International Association of Drilling Contractors